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Still making smiles happen!

Camp Haccamo Spotlight: Sara Passamonte

Still making smiles happen!

Camp Haccamo has touched many lives over the years, from campers , to camper families , to volunteers , to summertime employees , and many more. We are so grateful to the amazing people that are part of the Camp Haccamo family.

Sara Passamonte, the President and Executive Director of Compeer Rochester, has a special place in her heart for Camp Haccamo.  She was an intern in 2005, when she was a junior at Nazareth University majoring in psychology.  She wanted to gain a well-rounded experience from another organization that helped people with developmental disabilities, and Camp Haccamo fit the bill.

She found the experience eye opening.  At Camp Haccamo she witnessed the power of social connections and inclusion.  She saw how the campers, who often struggled in traditional settings, made friends and formed relationships with each other and the staff.  She enjoyed meeting new people and observing how the campers loved being together, partaking in crafts  and meals , and having fun.  She functioned as an extra hand, helping Dolly Kujawa, the Executive Director of Camp Haccamo and her team.  Sara said it was a very emotional and memorable summer, where she learned a lot about herself and others.

Sara's internship at Camp Haccamo also influenced her career path.  She was interested in exploring clinical psychology and social services, and she discovered how important it was to provide direct services and skill-building recreation to people with mental health challenges.  She continued to pursue this type of work, and eventually became President of Compeer, an organization that matches volunteers with individuals who are striving for good mental health.

Sara is very proud of the work she does at Compeer Rochester, and she is also very proud of her Camp Haccamo background.

As we lead up to camping season, we plan to bring you more stories of how our little camp continues to make smiles happen.  Do you have a memory to share?  Please let us know by reaching out to Neal Gorman via  We may share your story here or in the news or on Facebook.

Camp Haccamo turns 68 years old in 2024!  Learn more at [].  Sara Passamonte Compeer Rochester

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