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Dolly Kujawa: Camp Haccamo Hero

Let's please celebrate another Camp Haccamo Hero: Dolly Kujawa, a passionate leader dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for hundreds of campers each year at Camp Haccamo

Dolly Kujawa (pronounced Kwi-ahva) has been a member of the Webster Rotary for 24 years. She served as the group’s president for 3 years and its treasurer for 2 years. She is also the executive director of Camp Haccamo, a summer camp for individuals with special needs in the Rochester and Monroe Country community.

A Sudden Call to Duty Dolly has been involved with Camp Haccamo since 2006 when she voluntarily filled in for the camp manager who had to leave suddenly. It was necessary to find someone to fill the position quickly and Dolly jumped in to help. Shortly thereafter the Board President was so impressed with Dolly’s energy and dedication that they asked if she’d be willing to take on the challenge of serving as the Executive Director. “It was a challenge I accepted,” she recalled.

“I was impressed by the camp’s mission and the impact it had on the lives of people with special needs,” she says. “Working with the campers is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.”

She also appreciates the trust that the parents have in the camp staff to take care of their children while they get a much-needed week of respite.

“That’s what makes our camp so special, it’s win-win-win: the kids are joining in on a real overnight camping experience like none other, the caregivers can take some time for themselves to rest or handle other responsibilities, and the staff and counselors’ lives are enriched as well.”

Lifelong Friendships are Built at Camp Dolly’s favorite part of camp is seeing the campers arrive and reunite with their friends. For many campers this is where they see their close friend each year. She says that their smiles (from ear to ear) are contagious and that they make her happy. She also enjoys seeing them participate in various activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, music, and games.

Dolly was born in Wellsville, NY and moved around a few times during her childhood. She lived on a farm in Panama, NY with her grandparents until her grandmother passed away when she was nine. She then moved to Webster, NY with her parents and siblings at the age of 9. She’s been in Webster ever since. As a kid she loved the farm life and dreamed of being a cowgirl. She also developed a passion for sports and played every sport she could in high school. She continued to play softball until she was in her 60s.

She is a role model for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community. She is passionate about what she does, and is grateful she has the opportunity to do what she loves. She’s selfless and cares deeply for people. Dolly has seven children and sixteen grandchildren who are very supportive of her work and that says a lot too!

Dolly Kujawa is an inspiring leader who has devoted her life to serving others.

You can support Camp Haccamo by attending its 10th Annual Car, Truck, & Cycle Show, Saturday June 3, 2023, 8am-1pm at the Mall at Greece Ridge behind the old Sears store. See more at

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