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Campers AND Caregivers Benefit

Lani Post and her husband Stephen are very pleased to be connected to Camp Haccamo. Their story is compelling and gives a bird’s eye view of the vital role Camp Haccamo plays in our community.

The family learned about Camp Haccamo at a pivotal time in their lives as new parents, when challenges and obstacles can be overwhelming. Their kids, Lindsey and Riley, both living with Autism, ADHD, and bipolar disorder, required specialized attention.

“When we found Haccamo, I can’t even tell you how happy we were. It was a difficult time in the beginning, we were frazzled and trying to figure everything out,” said Lani.

It was a care coordinator at Rochester’s Hillside Children’s Center who mentioned Camp Haccamo to the Post family. They registered Lindsay right away and the results were instant.

“The very first day of camp, I think I slept 12 hours. It was such a relief to know Lindsey was in a place where she could go, be safe, be herself – and there were people that were skilled enough to handle her particular needs.”

The experience was life-changing for Lindsey. “When she came back, she was so excited about it and talked about camp for weeks, she added.” The kids regularly watch their camp videos each year.

“The camp gives both girls amazing opportunities for socializing and activities they might not normally have access to throughout the year,” said Lani.

Neurotypical kids can attend any summer camp but unfortunately that’s not the case for kids like Lindsey and Riley who require a little extra attention and forethought. That’s where Camp Haccamo fits in. It’s a unique camp designed specifically for kids and young adults with specialized needs, whether neuro or physical.

The time camp provides for kids to form bonds and friendships is priceless and the break it affords families is just as invaluable.

“It gives us the time for respite or to handle other issues in life. One week we took a much-needed vacation. Another year we were able to coordinate end of life care for my mother-in-law in Syracuse. It was a very difficult time for us, but we were there for his mother when she needed us.

Lindsey has attended camp for 10 years while Riley has attended for 8 years. Lani has just joined the board as its newest family representative and is looking forward to helping.

The Rotary Clubs of Monroe County are pleased to announce registration is now open for Camp Haccamo for its 67th season. Key dates this summer are July 31 to Aug 4 for ages 7-18, and August 7 to 11 for ages 19-30.

All the events that make Camp Haccamo exceptional are returning, carnival night, prom night, pool activities, a talent show, and the iconic Haccamo locomotive.

Recommend a Family:

If you know of a family that can benefit from Camp Haccamo please ask them to register now

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